Ethernet First Mile​

EFM - Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is an affordable way to achieve greater, guaranteed symmetric bandwidth than is available using broadband, whilst maintaining an Ethernet handover interface.

Thanks to having identical upload and download speeds (up to 10 or 20 Mbps), EFM can support VoIP and hosted solutions.

The service is delivered using multiple standard copper telephone lines either in a bundle of 2 or 4 lines to build a single service. The technology used is SDSL rather and ADSL to provide a symmetric service. A 2 pair may run up to 10Mb and a 4 pair may run up to 20Mb depending on the length of the copper. An on-site box then ‘bonds’ these multiple SDSL services into a single Ethernet service making it easier for you, the customer. The box will handle line failures to maintain uptime should one of the copper lines fail but it leads to a degradation of service.

Ethernet First Mile is ideal for both Cloud-ready Internet Access and Private Network internet and MPLS services. Often chosen for its speedy transfers of large data files as well as running simultaneous applications like SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

Benefits Of EFM

✔️ Fix time SLA of 7 hours.
✔️ Consistent service if a component line fails.
✔️ Supports VoIP and hosted solutions.
✔️ Ideal if Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) or complex wayleaves are needed for fibre products.
✔️ 99.995% network reliability.
✔️ Fixed monthly costs – so no surprises.
✔️ Provides symmetric bandwidth.
✔️ Priority over residential traffic.

Choose Your Plan

All of our EFM Packages are unlimited usage.

Up To 10mbps

From £197 From £147 / month
  • Up to 10mbps symmetrical speeds
  • No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
  • Average 5-hour fix (fast response)
  • Faster setup than other providers

Up To 20mbps

From £297 From £177 / month
  • Up to 20Mb symmetrical speeds
  • No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
  • Average 7-hour fix
  • Fast installs

*All prices quoted exclude VAT.

A Few Things To Note About Inspire Telecom Broadband

The network is not available in all areas or to all customers. Check with our team on 0330 122 9488.

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